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So much going on at SGUW

Its been a few weeks since we updated SGUWs work on the blog and that is because we are really busy!

The rainy season is fast approaching- which means its time to plant. The end of school term is also fast approaching- which means its time for exams. And, our ship came in- which means our office furniture and equipment arrived and its time to open the SGUW Freetown office for business.

Mohamed, SGUW Field Officer, seen here in the snappy Hawaiian shirt, distributing tools for land clearing made by a local blacksmith. These tools may look formidable but they are absolutely necessary to clear brush and maintain the fields during the planting season.

Another tool distribution picture. Mohamed is also signing our seasonal MOUs with the farmers. This is a contract between SGUW, local leaders and the farmers to provide mutual support for the agricultural project in their village.

The end of the school term in Sierra Leone, like most places, means exams. In this case, the students are prepping for the NPSE or National Primary School Exams. These exams include all subjects taught in the primary schools including, math. The students at our rural schools asked if we could provide them with "math sets" for the exam and according to the SGUW staff, it is essential to have this set in order to do well on the math section. It includes a ruler, extra pencils and other items to assist them on the big day which is Saturday. Good Luck everyone! The students are flanked by our Bo Director Tewoh, who is expecting a baby in the near future- congratulations to her and the family! And, Mohamed, acting as her driver.

Meanwhile, back in Freetown, Sonia and Chernon have been working hard on the office. Here they are inspecting the furniture. The office looks like it will have a modern style to it. The refrigerator below was a great score as well since the office comes with a kitchen.

Since there is a lot going on in the capital these days due to the upcoming election, we decided to do a small but no less grand opening for the office. The celebration is May 13th. We will have press and media there as well as some of our students, teachers and families and local CBO, NGO allies. More to come on the festivities.

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