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73 Farmers working with SGUW

The SGUW Agriculture Program has grown wildly this year. In order to document this expansion, our AG Field Officer, AdbulAziz Sesay, spent the last month collecting data while continuing to support the farmers in our target villages.

Highlights from the SGUW AG Program census are:

  1. SGUW farmers have 11 acres under cultivation, mostly with pineapples.

  2. We work with farmers in four villages which is the majority of households in those villages.

  3. Our farmers include women-headed houses and elderly women.

  4. All of the planted crops are thriving with the exception of one small allotment. (The small town lot that did not thrive was due to a land issue.)

  5. The SGUW rice farming project in Sumbaya village -which we work together with our partner Mr. Steven Mulai- has expanded to numerous other smaller settlements. We now provide this sustainable crop to dozens of families all from SGUW's initial investment two years ago in Sumbaya. We will be helping this village to build a rice storage facility this year.

AdbulAziz out and about on SGUW's official motorbike. This fall, he is starting the process of scouting out new villages for partnership. We are excited about expanding all of the AG program work to more villages and women's farming groups.

Below are a few pics of one of the SGUW pineapple farms.

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