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Celebrate IWD with SGUW through our 1st GoFundMe campaign

International Women's Day began over 100 years ago... deep breath in, deep breath out... over 100 years ago and we're still at it. I believe the fundamental righteousness of the cause of gender equity is the reason it has been sustained, nursed and grown over generations and throughout the world. While the paradigmatic change necessary to fulfill it is why it's taking so damn long. (I'm talking to you-patriarchy.)

Putting aside the surprising length of the struggle for gender equity, today we joyfully celebrate all the women and girls and their STRONG allies working in every corner of the globe to empower women and girls, to break the shackles of violence, oppression and marginalization and make equality a reality for all people, everywhere.

SGUW Rice Farmers during last year's harvest.

The work of SGUW is women and girl centered, it is community-direct and sustainable. As Patrick Geddes, a contemporary of the original suffrage movements in the US and UK, urged us all in 1915- we work locally and think globally.

This month we launched the first SGUW online fundraiser. It is through GoFundMe and the link is below. This is an essential part of our budgeting for this year as we expand the agricultural programming with a new hire and our GBV/SBV prevention outreach to young men through sport.

Please consider donating to SGUW and sharing the SGUW story with your family, friends and colleagues. Throughout this month we'll be bringing updates on our work on all the socials and here at the blog.

Stay Tuned!

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