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Congratulations to Titi the Tailor...and Fashionista!

Before and After Pics- what a transformation!

Close readers of the SGUW blog will remember the first picture. It's a classic before pic. Titi was understandably shy and a bit unsure at the beginning of her Tailoring class last summer.

Today, she is the first Strong Girl to complete this rigorous, full time, months long program.

The middle pic and right one are the after pics. She did it. She graduated. She's a full fledged tailor and she looks like one. Titi has blossomed into a stylish and talented young lady. I love the dreamy white dresses she and her mate made for their matriculation ceremony. They look the part and they have the skills. CONGRATULATIONS to TITI and all the new tailors!! Watch out fashion world, these ladies have ideas and they're coming for you.

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