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In Memoriam Mr. Joseph Yaraba Sesay

This week, the Strong Girls United Women family lost one of our true founders- Dorah's father died unexpectedly. Mr. Joseph Yaraba Sesay was a dedicated police investigative officer for decades. His devotion to justice and the rule of law was unmatched, as was his dedication to helping those in need. He was known by everyone and was a fixture in Freetown, his hometown, where he could be seen reading one of his many, many books or a newspaper in his retirement years. A self taught man of letters, teacher, believer in a better world for all of us, and family man. He will be as missed as he was loved.

Mr. Sesay's devotion to his children and love of his grandchildren- who are far flung around the world- was known to all who knew him.

Celebrating a birthday with the cousins and grandpa on the last visit to Salone.

Joseph Yaraba Sesay- Rest in Peace

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