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Raise your hands for SGUW

Raise your hands for SGUW and our Adolescent Health Classes starting in four schools in Sierra Leone. For the last few months, we've been working with teachers and school staff, hosting parent and community information sessions, writing a science-based curriculum and signing up students. In January, our dedicated directors and volunteers began leading the students in learning about their bodies, hygiene, social-emotional development, maternal health and much more. At Strong Girls United Women- WE MOVE! Follow SGUW progress on the new blog for updates and news.

At SGUW we believe learning can thrive anywhere and that includes in this beautiful spot in the shade of a big tree. Most children in Africa and other parts of the world will be familiar with taking a class or two outside. It's a more relaxed environment allowing for peer-to-peer learning and participation in the songs and role playing central to our Adolescent Health curriculum. These three students are listening to their SGUW teacher explain how to make decisions using critical thinking and how to assess information from media, peers and others. This is a first lesson in the SGUW class and leads into the next lesson on understanding your own personal values. In that lesson, the students draw their hand and fill in five things that are important to them in each finger. Here's an example of one student's five values- Marriage, Enjoy Life, Helping My Family, Place of Work and Education.

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