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Rice Harvest Time-Let's Celebrate

All around the world, in communities everywhere- harvest time is a call for celebration and the SGUW rice harvest is no different. As Confucius said: Give a bowl of Rice to a Woman and she will eat for a day, Teach her how to grow it and you will save her life.

At SGUW we all love this picture. Its a mom with her babe on her hip harvesting the rice she planted, weeded and tended for months. It's a glorious day but her work is not done, she still needs to spread the rice out to dry in the hot sun and thresh and store it for the long, hot, dry season. Then, her sweet little baby and the rest of her family will feel security because she provided them with rice to eat. She is the definition of a Strong Woman.

SGUW Bo Town Director, Tewoh, got in on the harvest as did many men in the villages including the Chief. It's all hands on deck when it's time to bring in the rice.

Three colorful farmers.

A big harvest for the WECADO and SGUW farmers. We'll keep everyone posted as the rice processing continues.

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