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SGUW farmers show off their RICE

Recently, our intrepid Director Tewoh Karimu made a site visit out to the village to get an update on the rice farming supported by SGUW and our agricultural partner, WECADO. She met with our partner farmers and Steven Mulai, Director of WECADO, and toured the farms. As the pictures show, the rice is growing well. The farmers explained that the plants are already "pregnant" with the rice and will be ready for harvest in November. It's been a good year for growing and with the continued guidance of Mr. Mulai everyone expects a bountiful harvest.

I like this picture for two reasons, 1. Look at all that rice! and 2. You can glimpse the beautiful hills of Sierra Leone in the background.

The rice is the grass-looking plant seen growing in the pasture. A few more farm pictures below.

Like in many parts of the world, the farmers here plant numerous crops together (called companion planting or polyculture farming). You can see corn and rice in the field above and squash and rice below.

Rice, rice and yet more rice. Great work by WECADO, Mr. Mulai, Director Karimu and everyone supporting this project in the villages. It's our first agricultural endeavor and so far, it's a success. We'll update in November once we harvest.

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Molly Power
Molly Power
Sep 13, 2022

That rice looks wonderful!

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