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SGUW in the news

As a famous circus promoter once said- all publicity is good publicity. In this case it really is good publicity about the work of SGUW. We've been highlighted in two articles published in the online news site SierraLoaded by their feature writer Julius Mustapha Harding.They discuss our work in the broader context of women's empowerment in Sierra Leone - with a nice quote from Sonia about women's role in development overall-and President Bio's recent push to increase food self sufficiency in the country.

Strong Girls United Women Empowers Girls And Women Across Sierra Leone

In an ongoing commitment to uplift the lives of women and girls across Sierra Leone, a non-governmental organization, Strong Girls United Women is making notable advancements in the nation.

With a primary emphasis on sexual and reproductive health education, the organization is also steadfastly expanding educational opportunities for young girls throughout Sierra Leone.

Earlier in October, the organization embarked on a heartwarming mission, supplying much-needed school materials to their beneficiaries in Freetown and Bo. This initiative underscores their dedication to promoting education among girls in Sierra Leone.

Mrs. Sonia B. Turay, one of the coordinators for Strong Girls United Women in Freetown, emphasized the organization’s vision. She stated that their ultimate goal is to ensure that girls and women have access to education, firmly believing that empowering women is the key to a nation’s development.

Mrs. Turay passionately remarked, “Women are the strong pillars of every nation, and by uniting to empower, inspire, and honor the resilience of girls, especially here in Sierra Leone, we can achieve remarkable progress. I firmly believe that if we empower girls and women through education, our nation will continue to prosper.”

Strong Girls United Women’s tireless efforts serve as a beacon of hope, bringing positive change and opportunities to girls and women throughout Sierra Leone, ultimately contributing to the nation’s development and progress.

Strong Girls United Women in Sierra Leone Contributes to President Bio’s Big 5 Agenda

A non-governmental organization (NGO) “Strong Girls United Women” is a beacon for empowering women and girls. Specializing in providing crucial sexual and reproductive health education, the organization has been making significant strides in the country.

During October in Bo Town, a significant event unfolded as the CEO Dorah Rains and her team of Strong Girls United Women actively contributed to President Bio’s ambitious “Big 5 Agenda: Feed Salone.” The NGO took an innovative approach by supporting a specific group of women in rice cultivation, a pivotal aspect of the agenda to enhance food security in the nation.

The women, empowered and supported by Strong Girls United Women, wholeheartedly embraced the initiative. With determination and newfound agricultural skills, they cultivated rice in the rich lands of Bo Town. Through their unwavering efforts, these women successfully harvested substantial quantities of rice, a feat that significantly bolstered the Feed Salone agenda.

In other news, school continues to be a real bright spot this year. Our students are engaged with the subject and participating enthusiastically in all of our four schools.

The video below is one of Sonia's classes reciting the poem entitled- I Am Somebody.

I Am Somebody

When you say this poem in Krio, the translation is“Mi Na Sombodi.”

“I Am Somebody (Mi Na Sombodi)

I May Be Poor (E go bi sae ah di po)

But I Am Somebody (But, Mi Na Sombodi)

I May Be Young

But I Am Somebody

I May Be On the Street

But I Am Somebody

I May Be Small

But I Am Somebody

I May Make A Mistake

But I Am Somebody

My Clothes Are Different, My Face Is Different, My Hair Is Different

But I Am Somebody

I Am Black, Brown, White, I Speak A Different Language

But I Must Be Respected, Protected, Never Rejected

I Am A Child

But I Am Somebody.”

A poem inspired by a poem of the same name by Reverend William Holmes Borders.

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