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SGUW's Freetown Office is Open!

SGUW is officially open for business in Freetown! And we made it to the front page of the newspaper!

We had an exuberant celebration over the weekend to welcome the community, strong girls, the media and all of our supporters to the new office on Bai Bureh Road in Wellington. This incredible party was organized by our Freetown team - Sonia and Chernor- and, with a helping hand from Mohamed and Yusef and so many others- it was an amazing success. We are thrilled to have the office in the capital. It allows us a space to hold staff meetings, meet with funders and partners and hold convenings with like-minded groups.

We owe a huge thank you to all the people who attended and spoke about women's issues, the movement for change and SGUW. Here's a short gallery of pictures to get a feel for the day where we were joined by some VIPs including the ground breaking journalist Assanatu Labelle Sillah- who was our keynote speaker- we send her a special thank you for her kind and wise words.

In addition to the live presentations, we were fortunate to have a moving video prepared by our founder and the leader of SGUW, Dorah Rains.

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