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Support SGUW on "Give to Women and Girls Day"

Welcome to the 2nd annual "Give to Women and Girls Day" started by the Women's Philanthropy Institute in 2022. Did you know that only 2% of philanthropic giving goes to organizations focused on empowering women and girls- only 2% for more than half the humans on earth. The statistics for organizations that focus on women of color in low and middle income countries is so small it's not represented on this chart. It's less than one percent for some of the world's most vulnerable people.

Give to Women and Girls Day, October 11th, is your chance to support SGUW. Our budgets may be small but our work is mighty important and we hope you'll consider supporting us.

This fall, the SGUW teachers are resuming our Life Skills classes at four schools, including two new secondary schools in Bo. Our teachers will be using our revised curriculum with new lessons on bullying, FGM, drug abuse, abortion, the sex trade/trafficking, and child marriage.

Our agricultural programs continue to grow with five villages participating in cassava, rice, corn and ground nut farming and three more pineapple farms. SGUW agriculture is on the move!

This season we welcome our newest staff member Adbulaziz (yellow shirt) working here with the out-going AG Field Officer Mohamed. Mohamed is off to China to get his Masters degree. Thank you Mohamed for your hard work- we look forward to hearing about all things China.

Here they are working with the farmers and family members to organize a delivery of pineapple "suckers".

Please consider giving to SGUW to support our programs, dedicated staff and our mission of empowering the women and girls of Sierra Leone through education, community building and economic development. It's easy to do, just go to and donate using our secure PayPal account. Or, drop us a check using snail mail to: SGUW, 93 Bemis road, Holyoke, MA 01040.


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