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To the Partners of SGUW- Thank You!

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At Strong Girls United Women we know the crucial importance of working with partners. As we tackle the complex issues facing women and girls, our partnerships enhance our impact, sustainability, and efficiency. Here are some key reasons why partnerships are vital to our work and why we deeply appreciate all of our partners.

Resource Mobilization and Financial Support: SGUW relies on a variety of partners to provide funding and in-kind contributions to carry out our projects and programs. For example, the schools where we teach are our close educational partners, just as the villages where we provide agricultural programming are very close partners, including the local and paramount chiefs and WECADO and Stephen Mulai in Sumbaya.

Expertise and Knowledge Sharing by Utilizing Specialized Skills: Partnerships allow us to collaborate with organizations that possess complementary skills, knowledge, and experience. For example, we partner with employment skills training organizations such as Elsie's Bakery, LaBelle's Gara Studio and Sierra Leone Opportunities Industrialization Centre (SLOIC) to provide training for out-of-school girls and under-employed women.

Increased Impact and Outreach:

First Day- new school year

Scale and Scope: Partnerships enable SGUW to reach a larger audience and have a broader impact by combining resources and efforts. Working together can result in more extensive and sustainable interventions. We partner with government ministries, schools and networks of NGOs to raise our voice for policy and legislative changes, access to education issues, improvements to the reproductive health system and more.

Networking and Relationship Building builds: Stakeholder Engagement: Collaborating with other organizations fosters relationships with a variety of stakeholders, including government ministries, businesses, and community leaders. These networks build trust and can be beneficial for future projects and advocacy efforts. Collective Voice and Action: Partnering with other NGOs strengthens the collective voice of the entire sector, making it more influential in advocating for policy changes. The civil society sector in Sierra Leone is very well networked- SGUW belongs to many including We Are Purposeful- a national network of groups working in the area of women's and girls rights.

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Capacity Building through Organizational Development: SGUW enhances its organizational capacity by partnering with organizations that provide training, media, policy changes, education and organizing. This leads to improved efficiency and sustainability. We partner with our brother NGO, Foster Parents of Sierra Leone to expand their resources and capacity when they have a particularly intensive case.

Innovation and Creativity is increased by Diverse Perspectives: Partnering with different organizations brings diverse perspectives and ideas to the table, fostering innovation and creative problem-solving.

Comprehensive Solutions are based in a Holistic/Sustainable Approach: Many of the complex issues that the staff at SGUW deal with require multifaceted solutions. Collaborative efforts allow us to address these issues more comprehensively and effectively for our clients and students.

In summary, partnerships are instrumental for SGUW in addressing these multi-faceted challenges by leveraging resources to expand our reach and foster a more sustainable and impactful approach. Thank you to all of our partners for doing their incredible work, supporting our staff and helping us to make lasting change.

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