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Welcome to SGUW's New Field Officer

This week we on-boarded our newest staff member- Mohamed Koiva Kallon. Mohamed is a recent graduate of Njala University with both professional and academic experience in the field of environmental management and agricultural development. He also brings experience working with rural women and girls on nutrition and hunger issues. Mohamed joins SGUW as a Field Officer, he will oversee, and undoubtedly grow, our Agricultural Programs including our current rice, pineapple and cassava farming. We whole heartedly welcome Mohamed and look forward to sharing his knowledge and expertise as we move forward.

As a Field Officer, Mohamed will literally be out in the field, this is no ordinary office job. His position takes him all over Bo and to our community villages outside the city- so we bought our first bike! The workhorse of transportation in West Africa. We are absolutely thrilled (maybe a little jealous :). Mohamed and Tewoh picked it up from the dealer yesterday and already it's paying off.

Hiring a Field Officer, buying a new bike and renting the office in Freetown were all on the check list for SGUW 2023 and it's only April!

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