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What is Gender Equity anyway

At SGUW, our mission is to empower the women and girls of Sierra Leone. We envision a world where boys and girls are equally empowered and valued.

A world where women and girls, men and boys, and all-gender-nonbinary people enjoy equal rights; can secure better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities; have equitable access to education, health care, justice and economic opportunity; can accumulate and control their own assets and resources; and, freely exercise their own voices.

A world where women and girls (and all people) live free from gender-based norms and traditions of intimidation, harassment, discrimination, and violence.

How long until we reach that world- Let's just look at gender equity in the economic sphere as a snapshot.

Worldwide, 2.4 billion women of working age still lack equal economic opportunities (meaning access to employment that is compensated, outside of the home).

In only 12 countries women have legal equal economic standing with men.

Estimates suggest it will take 267.6 years to close the gender economic opportunity gap at the glacially slow, current rate of change.

267.6 years feels a little long to me, Let's speed it up

Please support SGUW in our GoFundMe campaign. So far we've raised $800 toward our expanding agricultural programs! This week, rice is being planted for 2nd year and land has been cleared for pineapple planting.

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