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Programs in Sierra Leone


Our 1st Year Brought Strong Growth, Building a Foundation for the Future

Since early 2021, SGUW has taken important steps launching our first educational and community support programs in Salone. These include providing vulnerable school girls health and hygiene kits, providing food supplies to families effected by fire, working with market sellers and celebrating Day of the African Child by giving sanitation stations to schools. We completed our ambitious community assessments and needs surveys in the region. Our Bo Town Director, Tewoh Karimu continues to build partnerships and deepen our community engagement. And Freetown Director Sonia Koroma has broadened our work to include the Crabtown school and recruited two assistants to help in the capital.

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FIRST WEEK at SGUW!! Director Karimu attends meeting about recent sexual assault data in Sierra Leone.

Director Koroma meeting with market sellers in Freetown.


Freetown Assistant and helper extraordinaire - Chernor Alie Barrie chatting with a school girl.

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School girls Bo Town region.


Mugging for the camera

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Director Karimu meeting with school official at Geoma village in Bo region.

Girl and her parents receiving health and hygiene kit.


Demonstrating the new sanitation station at a village school near Bo Town.

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Director Karimu distributing kits including toothpaste, shampoo, soap, menstrual pads and more.


Director Koroma and Team Freetown prepping for huge food distribution day!


Essential food for victims of fire in Freetown.

Food Distribution Site.


Our tireless Directors signing up girls for health and hygiene kits

Our friends from Girls Aid working on DAC celebration in Freetown.


That's a big bag of rice!


Waiting (patiently) for the custume parade to start.